Achieve Success: Act Like You’re Already Successful

Posted by Mckenzie on 17th Feb 2021

Achieve Success: Act Like You’re Already Successful

Act as if you are successful. That’s what I want to talk about today. We’re going to talk about the mindset in acting like you are successful.

So, the first thing that I want to share with you guys. If you’ve ever read the book it’s called Think and Grow Rich, a lot of people have read the book.

If you notice the book is not called Invest to Grow Rich, Save to Grow Rich, Be Cheap and Grow Rich. The book is called Think and Grow Rich.

You probably hear people, a lot of your loved ones, your friends, your family, you guys you have a lot of people around you telling you things like, “Money don’t grow on trees.”

You guys heard that one, right?

How about “A penny saved is a penny earned.” How many have heard that one?

A penny saved is a penny earned. “Fly below the radar. Don’t toot your own horn.” Do you guys remember all these ones?

“Don’t go to Starbucks in the morning and buy coffee and get the Latte.”

Here’s a reality. These things have been put in our mind for years and years and years in growing up, right?

Because our parents, and our loved ones, and people said these things to us to protect us. You can’t save your way to be rich. If coffee in the morning is going to you stress you out financially then you need to get a side hustle.

You need to get something else that’s going to make you think a lot bigger than that.

If a frickin coffee is going to cost you too much money to stop in the morning and get one then we need to work on how we’re going to produce more income using our skillsets to be able to do the things we want to do in life.

I mean think about this, a penny saved is a penny earned. It’s still a frickin penny, right?

These are mindsets that keep us and they control our minds through life that we have to be so … We condense. We start to think of things that we need to do to save money.

Here’s another one, “Save money …” for what? “… a rainy day.” Everything was about saving. You have got to stop being cheap.

Again, I’m not talking to the people that are making $20,000, 30,000 a year. These are for people who want to make more money, who want to open up their minds, not your 9-5 $10 an hour workers.

You guys have to … Because you’re on a fixed budget you have to be able to save money right now and maybe clip coupons.

That’s things that you have to do until you can get a strong enough side hustle to be able to facilitate the income you need.

In business, also, it’s kind of like this. It’s like you’re negotiating your deals. Nobody wants to deal with a cheapskate.

When you’re always, “I got him next time.” You’re negotiating a deal and you’re the one that always has to win. I get sales but nobody wants to do business with a cheapskate.

Be the person that says, “You know, I don’t need all that in that price.” I want you to change your mindset.

This video is about changing your mindset from really being cheap and thinking cheap to really being able to expand and spend money to be successful.

You have to be able to spend to grow rich. You cannot do this with one person. I talk about it in a lot of videos, the one-man band, the solopreneur, the guy that wants to do everything himself, to wear all the hats.

It’s really hard to grow if you’re not acting the part. Act successful. Act like you have money and do things that will open up your mindset and it will follow.

I promise you it will follow.

So, let me tell you a little quick example real quick.

We got an uncle, Uncle Rick. I’m sure you guys got these people in your family, as well.

This guy has got the smallest, cheapest, frugal mindset, hands down.

He’s the kind of guy when you go out to dinner by towards the end of the meal he’s the kind of guy that runs to the bathroom when it’s time to pitch in his portion, right?

He’s the kind of guy who when birthdays come around and Christmas comes around he gives you free stuff that got donated to him from a couple of years back.

He’s the kind of guy that always talks about money, always talks about money in a negative way.

He’s got a mindset that is so narrow because he has to pinch every penny and live like a pauper, because he can’t spend any money because he’s on a fixed budget, because he’s not willing to get out there and expand his mindset.

You guys know how these people are. They got that face, that face like … They’re tight. You ain’t squat, I mean they’re squeezing boogies out George Washington’s nose on the pennies.

I mean these people are so tight they’re not spending anything.

When it’s time to pay you know where to find Uncle Rick. He’s in the bathroom. When he comes back, “I got you, Rick, man.

Don’t worry, man, it’s cool,” you know.

So, expand your mind. Act and you will be successful. Act like you have money.

You guys ever went to a party, right? Let me show you a quick analogy.

You went to a party, or you had a good event to go to, and you called a cab.

Now let me ask you a difference. Would it make a difference if you showed up at this party, this nice event you guys are going to, maybe its a Gala, maybe it’s an event at work, or maybe … It’s a big party.

Would it be a difference if you showed up in a cab or a limo, and I don’t mean the small shit limos.

I’m talking about the stretch limo kind?

Maybe 30, 40 bucks extra, right, to be able to go from paying for the cab to getting something nice, but how do you feel.

The question is, “Do you feel different getting out of a cab as opposed to a limo?” When you show up do people look at you getting out of the cab? No. They could care less.

But what happens when you pull up in a nice limo? “I wonder who’s behind there? I wonder who’s in there?” Windows are tinted, right?

It’s always this mysterious think like, “Man, who are these people?”

That’s acting as if you’re successful. Doing things that would put in a place where it’s going to make you feel better because probably the people that see you get out of, whether it’s a cab …

Let me ask you this also because this is just making me think here.

You guys get in these smelly cabs, got gum under your frickin seat, right?

You get out nobody cares about you. You just get out of the cab. You get out of the nice limo and it’s, “Wow, wow, that’s a nice ride, man. That’s cool, man.” It makes you feel a little bit better.

I guarantee that once you do this one time, once you do this one time where you get out of something nice, getting out of a limo, okay, sitting first class in a plane instead of the back.

Once you do it one time I promise you you’ll never want to go back to the stinky cab again.

So, this is how we act when we want to do better in life.

Stop closing your mind, stop being a cheap weasel, penny pincher and think bigger.

The extra 40, 50 bucks are going to put you in a better place because when you act it you feel it, and you can then perform at a different level sooner than later.

What I want to hear from you guys is that you’ve actually flown private instead of doing a commercial.

You know commercial, pain in the ass.

Two to three hours you got to be there before, you got to go through an hour of customs where they pat you down.

It’s a headache. You got to sit next to a 400 pounder on the plane who snores the whole time. I mean, yeah, those things are going to happen.

But, when you fly private it’s just going to be you and maybe a few other people. Enjoyable ride, no customs.

Again, it’s going to cost a little bit more but look at it as an investment in you, an investment of, “Hey, I’m willing to spend a little bit so I can act the part.”

When you start acting the part I guarantee what will happen is you’ll start playing the part.

So, that being said, I want to thank you guys for watching Mentor in a Maserati. This one is really about acting as your successful.

Don’t be a flaw. Don’t be a fake. Don’t be the person who just gets the Lamborghini and rents the Lamborghini just to be able to take pictures with.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when you have an opportunity to act like you’re successful vision the success. Go buy the nicest place in your area.

Look at the houses. Go buy the nicest cars. Look at the cars. When you start being able to put yourself around an environment where things cost a little bit more money …

There’s a magazine out there right now.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of what it is.

I mean, there’s nothing in this magazine that is less than $100,000, $100,000.

The items in this magazine are all priced at above $100,000.

Just read the magazine. Pick it up. You can find it at your supermarkets, or any bookstore.

Start reading things and seeing things that put you in a position to where it opens up your mind.

I hope this finds you well. This is about expansion. This is about acting and thinking bigger.

Think and Grow Rich.

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