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Why Does GREAT CREDIT Count?


When you have a low/sub prime credit score (anything under 619), it feels like the whole financial world is against you and life becomes more difficult and expensive. Millions of Americans need to build up and sweep their credit in order to qualify for a home loan, lease an apartment, obtain a car loan, to get a credit card, get a cell phone, and even applying for certain jobs. Your credit score even impacts the rates you pay for auto and homeowners insurance.


By restoring and building your credit with a credit sweep and tradelines, you can save thousands of dollars in lower interest on payments and much more. We can help you to remove inaccurate information from your credit report as well as enhance your credit with tradelines molded to your outcome.


Credit bureaus keep information on your record up to 10 years, so problematic credit history can follow you around for a LONG time. You came to the right place to skyrocket your consumer buying power!


Our clients on average will get 50 to 90% + of their issues permanently deleted in 35 to 90 days; some reports may take more or less time depending upon several factors like how many items are on the report, how old they are and if you have gone through credit repair recently. Every credit report is different so we work each one case by case to optimize for the best possible results.


A proprietary process for removing negative items from your credit report, opening up more possibilities for your financial future. We do this extremely fast in comparison to traditional credit repair. We perform the work with modern strategies to accommodate the ever changing industry. Deletions start occurring within the first 45 days. For most clients, the best results happen within the first 60 – 90 days.

ABSOLUTELY! This is highly effective for a credit score after a collection, delinquency, bankruptcy, divorce, Identity theft, judgement, late payment, or foreclosure. We work on all of these. 79% of all credit reports contain errors! This means that most credit reports can be improved instantly. We work on correcting inaccurate and misleading personal data on your credit report. Also inaccurate and unverifiable credit and collection information must be complete, accurate and verifiable otherwise you have the right to dispute the account.

NO WAY! Old established seasoned accounts are built into your account history which is a huge chunk of your credit score. If you have old credit card accounts that you want to stop using, just cut up the cards or keep them in a drawer, but keep the accounts open. If you close an account, you can expect an immediate drop in your credit score because it will decrease the average age of your credit history. Old accounts are your positive credit. Positive credit takes YEARS to build and if you ever needed to purchase it in the form of a tradeline, it is very expensive. Your old accounts are important, do not close them.

The main difference is the time frame, fee schedule and process. Our credit sweep is proprietary, and extremely expedited in comparison to traditional credit repair. Deletions start occurring within the first 45 days. For most clients, the best results happen within the first 60 – 90 days. Traditional Traditional credit repair takes 6 – 14 months while incurring a monthly fee, and results are dragged out throughout that time frame. Expect a couple deletions (if you are lucky). Credit repair is a likely waste of 6 – 14 months of your time, money and energy.

A credit sweep is a form of credit repair which is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If an item cannot be verified, it must be removed. This is the basis of all credit repair. The FCRA is a U.S. Government legislation enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies. It is intended to protect consumers from willful and or negligent inclusion of inaccurate information on their credit reports.

What takes other companies 9-14 months takes us ONLY 35 – 45 days for the first round of results. Every credit report is different. If additional rounds are needed, it will be an additional 30 days for each round. Note that you will continue seeing improvement throughout this entire process given you follow our guidance to maintain your results and empower a lifetime of good credit decisions.

No, this is a completely separate service as it requires a completely different method. Do you need to remove pesky credit inquiries? If you have too many, you will get DENIED more frequently which will hold you back from getting the things you want in your life. We can remove certain pesky inquiries (up to 100 credit inquiries across all three credit bureaus). Typical results are 15 – 30 days. We have a phenomenal bundle discount if you purchase inquiry removal with your credit sweep.

We have made it AFFORDABLE to everyone. Give us a call to see which plan will work best for you given your goals and outcome.

EVERY credit report that we work on has improvement! If we do not produce results, then we have no business accepting your money. We guarantee your credit score will improve otherwise we will refund your money. Disclaimer: If you have a new derogatory account, run up your credit card balances over 30%, miss a payment, and/or have multiple new credit inquiries, we can see this and it will cause a reduction in your credit score, ultimately undoing all of the progress we made. Don’t do that to yourself!


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